Men’s Shed News

We’ve been at Martha Close for several weeks, whilst we were finishing off the New Shed. Council has accepted that we are “Fit for Use”, and there are just a few bits & pieces still to do, and Friday 1st June was our first meeting as a going concern. On that day there was still shelving, signs and tidying to do, but it's really back to normal Shed stuff. Mind you, some of our work will involve some in-servicing on our “new machines”.

The following week & onwards, the Shed will be open for three days a week (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays), usual opening times (ie 9.30 am to 3.30 pm -ish).

Fees for attendance, after some discussion at the committee meeting, were set at $7 for first attendance in any week, then $3 for each other day attended that week.  This structure will be reviewed as we go along.

Dennis & Darryl have put up lots of signs. HUGE thanks to both for all your work over many months.

John helps in preparation for the "Unofficial Opening"

Susan and Glen came to wish us well for the "Opening", & enjoy some morning tea. Thanks Susan for standing with us, & thanks Glen for your expertise! And thanks Sandy for the cakes!

John & Ian enjoyed the meal, prepared in our Commercial Kitchen. Magnificent!

Roger is setting up storage boxes, working at one of Dean's benches.

Dean should be happy with the progress in the Metalwork Shed.

The Pergola Area is looking pretty good, too!

Now that we have at least five First Aid qualified people in the club, we can all rest easy!! Here's 4 of the 5 (Dennis already had his).

The storage area in the Metalwork Shed is finally looking tidy!

Don’t they look Great!! Polo shirts aren’t bad either!! See Allan if you missed out. Caps are available too.

Striped paint! Alan used most of the tin but can’t find where he put it down.



John Mardell